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From a distance horizontal wire rods virtually disappear


Too narrow for fingers, foot & preventing climbing


Narrow apertures preventing any cutting with standard tools

Tarcon Civils trading as Trulink Fencing is a Security Fencing Manufacturer and installer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We offer a range of high to low security fencing options throughout RSA and Africa.
Highest Quality and Customer satisfaction Guaranteed!

A large majority of mesh fence panels in South Africa are imported.

TruLink Fencing is 100% manufactured in South Africa which gives us a competitive advantage on our pricing as well as on our lead times on product delivery.


We offer a variety of options for our Mesh fencing:

  • PolyEster Coated (Black or Green) / Galvanised / Hot Dip Galvanised and Powder coated (various color options available)
  • Height of panels – 1.8m/2.0m/2.2m/2.4m/3.0m – higher sizes by special request
  • High / Medium and Low Spec Mesh Security fencing options
  • Security Add-ons – Spikes (ribbed / flared) / Electrified fencing (various sizing and setups available) / Razor Wire
  • Underdig Options – Cement Plinth / Mesh Underdig / Razor Wire underdig

Our panels are 2.515m-3.00m in width to greatly reduce warp and flex of the panels by up to 20%.

All our mesh options offer a clearview and unobtrusive view due to our innovative design.

We have stringent quality control measures in place as well as full replacement guarantees on all our fencing.

Why use us?

High Security

SecuroMesh fencing is both difficult to cut as well as climb. Comes with an anti-tamper high security tekscrew.

SecuroMesh is unobtrusive and blends into the surroundings. SecuroMesh is 25% more rigid due to our shorter panels (2.515m) and deeper rigidity bends.


10 year guarantee on all material. Coating options include: Pre-galvanised, Plastic Polymetric coated black and green or hot dipped Galvanised.
Low Cost

All fencing components are manufactured locally at our 5000m2 facility. Our efficient manufacturing process in conjunction with our innovative fixing system positions us as the most affordable option on the market.

We strive to provide our customers with top notch support to suit clear view fencing needs

We strive to provide our customers with top notch support to suit clear view fencing needs

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